Re-Route 2020

Re-Route 2020 Maps and Schedules (Effective Oct. 7, 2019)

Principles of Re-Route 2020

Re-Route 2020: A Citrus Connection transit initiative to restructure and simplify the Lakeland Area Mass Transit District.

  • Each of the new routes accomplish the same things that the current routes do now
  • The routes do not eliminate any current service area or bus stop
  • The routes will begin earlier in the day and end later in the evenings
  • The system is created to be more user-friendly


Executive Director Tom Phillips speaks on ReRoute 2020

Operations Director Aaron Dunn explains how the new Re-Route 2020 routes work and introduces you to the "Meeple."

Re-Route 2020 Passenger video

Re-Route 2020 Update

Operators offer opinions about Re-Route 2020 routes

Riders and Operators tell us how they feel about Re-Route 2020 routes

Re-Route 2020's first Super Saturday


Frequently Asked Questions