How To Ride

Bike and Ride

Every regular bus offers bike racks on board!

Now you can take your bike with you! Citrus Connection buses feature easy snap bike racks on each bus front. There’s no extra charge—just snap and go to take your bike with you.


Bike racks hold up to two single-seat, two-wheeled bikes at a time, and are designed for bikes 16″ or bigger. Always wait on the curb to load or unload your bike. As the bus approaches, have your bike ready to:

  1. Pull down the rack (on the bus front), with one hand. If the rack is already down and another bike is in place, use the second set of wheel racks. Each bus holds two bikes. If the racks are full, wait for the next available bus.
  2. If only one bike is being loaded, put it in the rack nearest the bus.
  3. The bike support arm is in the down position when not in use. Swing the arm up and into position over the front bike wheel. Make sure the support arm is resting on your bike’s tire and not on the fender or frame. A spring pulls the arm back to keep your bike is secure.


  1. Tell the Bus Operator that you are going to remove your bike, then exit through the front door of the bus.
  2. Remove your bike by releasing the support arm from the front tire. Then just lift it out of the rack.
  3. If there are no other bikes on the rack, please return the rack to the upright position.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size bike will fit on the bike rack? 

The bike racks are designed for bikes no smaller than 16 inches or larger than 26 inches.

My bike has battery power. Can I load it in the bike rack?

Unfortunately, No. A battery-powered or fuel-powered bike is not permitted to be mounted in the bike rack for safety reasons.

My bike has really wide tires. Can I put the bike in the bike rack?

If the tire fits in the rack, it is permissible. If for any reason, the tire does not fit properly in the rack, then the bike cannot be safely placed in the rack. A bus operator can refuse permission to place the bike in the rack if he/she deems it is a safety concern.

When I get to my stop, can I just go unload my bike and be on my way?

Tell the Bus Operator that you are going to remove your bike, then exit through the front door.